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Meet Jim Hevel: Senior Account Manager

Meet the cornerstone of Vista Technologies – Jim Hevel, our esteemed Senior Account Manager. Since September 2003, Jim’s dedication and acumen have underpinned our company’s remarkable expansion. We got the chance to sit down with Jim to talk about his journey, his role, and what drives him.

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What inspired you to pursue a career in audio visual technology? 

Like many of us in this industry, I have always been curious to know how things work. In my case, that started when I was about 10, when I took a tape recorder apart. When I was 13, I built a guitar amplifier from an old record player. Video and TV was the next step, and I guess I’m what you’d call a video nerd when it comes to trying to capture an awesome picture.

What drew you to start working for Vista Technologies and can you describe your role?

I would say it was the synergy created by working with Rob (President of Office Interiors) & Maria (Founder of Office Interiors, now retired) and how logical it seemed to provide these interconnected services to our clients. My primary responsibility involves sales for two key accounts. In this role, I am responsible for following up on opportunities, consulting & collaborating with clients, conducting site surveys, preparing documentation to support AV designs, and ensuring a win-win outcome for everyone involved.

What is the best part of working at Vista Technologies? 

Being around great people. We may not all work in the same industry, but there are numerous parallels when it comes to completing projects successfully and providing excellent customer service. I take pleasure in my workplace and the position I hold, as it allows me to be creative and use my experience to devise solutions that serve our customers' best interests.

How do you approach planning and implementing new projects?

Maria always said, “Make a plan and work the plan.” I augmented that advice a little, and said, “Make a plan, get the client to approve the plan, then work the plan.” I also believe that having more documentation helps everyone throughout the process. It helps you to absorb everything you can about the application, gather great data, and avoid ambiguity wherever possible.

Your favorite or most memorable project? 

We developed the Improv cart, a mobile audiovisual system, as an interim solution for meeting rooms during the COVID pandemic. It followed our earlier initiative, the Tailgate cabinet, which provided a clean way to use existing wall outlets and then hide all the wires of wall mounted systems. What I find most satisfying is when a client places their trust in us and then the final outcome surpasses their expectations.

Outside of work, what are some hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing?

Ahh, yes! All the things I don’t ever seem to have enough time for. Guitar, photography, fishing, obsessing over our vehicles, radio-controlled stuff, and golf.

Are there any interesting facts that you’d like to share about yourself?

I was born in southern California, and I lived there until I was 12. My first winter in Indiana was the Blizzard of '78. Fun back then, not so much today.