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Acoustics are the measurement of sound in a space, and no space has more trouble than the office. The main concern employees have about returning to the office is distractions from loud noises.

Teaming up with Qwel, Office Interiors looks to help restore peace and quiet in the workplace with Qwel Tiles: designer ceiling tiles that absorb and control sound while elevating your interior design.

Along with sound reduction, Qwel acoustic tiles are also:


Qwel tiles are made from sustainable PET non-woven fiber, which is durable, safe, and 100% recyclable being made from 50% recycled materials!

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According to CISCA studies, Qwel acoustic tiles offer 12.7% - 17% more energy cost savings than drop ceiling panels.


The cleanliness and easy maintenance of Qwel tiles earned a Clean Air Gold Certification Report in November 2022.

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Due to their many unique cuts, patterns and colors, Qwel acoustic tiles create interesting visual effects that foster a more expressive and stylish work environment.

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Open office with black and grey Qwel tiles