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Designing Meeting Spaces that Inspire Collaboration

The traditional conference room may not be the only effective setting for collaborating with team members today. Meeting spaces are where innovation, strategy, and teamwork combine.


The design of these areas has a significant impact on your organization's ability to foster creativity, make efficient decisions, and promote collaboration. From traditional boardrooms to tech-enhanced spaces and multipurpose rooms, the effective planning of meeting spaces reflects a company’s commitment to inspiring an environment that not only looks good but also functions seamlessly.

Breakdown of 5 Most Common Meeting Spaces Designs

The Traditional Boardroom

This design is the most traditional meeting room style and features a large rectangular table accompanied by executive chairs and often includes a projection screen or whiteboard. It creates a sense of formality, making it ideal for top-level meetings and presentations.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are small, informal spaces with comfortable seating, multimedia capabilities, and whiteboards. They serve as an ideal setting for quick discussions and spur-of-the-moment brainstorming sessions. These rooms promote team collaboration, which is vital to successful productivity.

Collaborative Spaces

These rooms prioritize flexibility and adaptability by having modular furniture, writable walls, and integrated technology. These spaces can accommodate various team sizes and promote interactive discussions and innovative ideation sessions.

Tech-Enhanced Rooms

Technology continues to reshape workplaces and meeting spaces. These rooms embrace advanced audiovisual capabilities, including video conferencing equipment, smart boards, and wireless content sharing. These additional features enable the ability to communicate and collaborate with both remote and on-site teams.

Multipurpose Rooms

As office real estate becomes more scarce, the availability of space within individual offices also becomes increasingly limited. This scarcity has led to the popularity of multipurpose conference rooms that can serve different functions, ranging from formal boardroom-style meetings to informal gatherings, trainings, workshops, and more. These flexible spaces are highly sought after as they allow organizations to maximize the use of limited office space.

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Meeting spaces encourages collaborations.

What Other Factors Should be Considered in Meeting Spaces Designs?

In addition to the meeting space design, other critical factors that should be considered include AV system setup, aesthetics/furniture choices, and placement within the office.

AV Technology Set Up

The success of meetings and presentations often relies on technology. High-quality audiovisual equipment ensures clear communication, reduces technical glitches, and saves valuable time. According to studies, low-quality audio equipment can cause a loss of 29 minutes per week for each employee, highlighting how important a reliable AV technology setup is.

Aesthetics/Furniture Choices

The design aesthetic and furniture choices in the meeting space impacts the overall ambiance and comfort. Incorporating elements such as ergonomic chairs, adequate lighting, and visually appealing decor create a welcoming and inspiring environment to promote productivity.

Where in the Office are the Meeting Spaces Located

The location of meeting spaces within the office is a crucial factor to consider. Placing them near communal areas or central hubs, such as the kitchen or breakout spaces, encourages spontaneous interactions and collaboration. Additionally, having glass or transparent walls creates a sense of openness and inclusiveness, making them more inviting and welcoming.

Creating Perfect Meeting Spaces with Office Interiors

Investing in well-designed meeting spaces is a smart decision that can inspire and motivate employees to work together, make efficient decisions, and ultimately pay off in the long run. At Office Interiors, we understand the importance of creating a space that fosters innovation, effective communication, and team building for your business. By implementing the necessary elements, we can help you create the perfect meeting space that meets your needs and enhances productivity. To learn more, visit our website.

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