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Integrated Design: Combining Technology and Furniture Seamlessly

One of the top recurring themes for office renovations today has been about combining furniture design with innovative technologies.

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These integrated design plans work to seamlessly create an aesthetically pleasing, functional space to excite both employees and clients. But how do these integrated designs come together? Let's examine some designs that our Vista Technologies team has created for clients.

Integrating Technology with Office Design

Though every integrated design is different, most of the office renovations our Vista Technologies team has worked on have a similar goal in mind: to create a more efficient, collaborative workspace that’s customized to their unique brand. Installing and updating an office with a few new monitors is easy; what makes Vista’s work stand out is the specialized equipment they use to work with the new furniture and layouts set by our design team. Using innovative products from our brand partners, Vista Technologies has evolved standard office spaces to create:

Integrated Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are one of the more common workspaces for integrated designs. Ideally, these spaces are where internal meetings and client discussions occur, so creating a space that’s highly functional and makes a good impression is crucial. Across different design projects, Vista Technologies has installed great audiovisual sound systems into such spaces. Having a large AV monitor gives clients a full view of their partners or team members during video discussions, making meetings informative and attention-grabbing.

However, the most important aspect of these conference spaces is ensuring a good quality of sound and communication across a large space. In a recent project, the Vista team integrated a wireless video conference system using a Crestron soundbar. This advanced system has a high‑performance conferencing speakerphone, enabling better communication, and includes a camera to create a more interactive space for the staff. As a result, conference rooms with improved audiovisual technology inspire better productivity and interaction within the office.

OEI Crestron Audiovisual Conferencing Technology in meeting room
Crestron audiovisual technology innovates the office with better conferencing technology, improving communications with employees and clients.

Integrated Office Spaces

Oftentimes, employers focus on creating integrated designs for private offices rather than across the entire work environment. To inspire better productivity and collaboration within your workforce, paying attention to what your employees need encourages better results. The Office Interiors design team considers client employees within our designs, providing better space layouts and furniture for comfort; yet there are more advanced ways of creating a comfortable office. Using sound masking products from Cambridge, Vista technicians have integrated new sound masking systems into different offices, thereby integrating sound protection across renovated spaces. Cambridge sound masking utilizes unique, ambient sounds to match the frequency of human speech patterns, which dampens office noise. This process both reduces distractions and enhances privacy, giving employees more privacy to discuss important information without disrupting their teammates. By integrating sound masking throughout the office, Vista Technologies creates more acoustically balanced office environments.

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Vista installs Cambridge soundmasking technology to give your space less sound and more concentration during the workday.

Integrated Accessories

The key to a successful office renovation lies in its first impressions. Naturally, this includes having a good office layout, streamlined workstations, and stylized furniture. These details help show the professional style that sets your brand apart from competitors. Beyond workstations, Vista Technologies had the opportunity to integrate innovative monitors and accessories that really help brands stand out. In a recent project with pet care providers Wag n' Tails , Office Interiors and Vista Technologies created such a space to highlight the brand right as you step into the showroom using Absen Display! Built with LED lighting to show off brilliant colors, these video walls present Wag n’ Tails’ products in full view to customers and create a more engaging and inviting environment for visitors.

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Wag n' Tails' video walls installed by Vista Technologies have created more engagement and excitement to their brand advertisements.

Innovate Your Office Design with Vista Technologies

Successful office renovations rely on both great furniture designs and innovative technology. Through these integrated designs, you can make your office not only aesthetically captivating but encourage better productivity in your workforce. With our Vista Technologies team, Office Interiors works to develop stylish, productive office environments for our clients. Visit our Audiovisual & Technology page to learn more!

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