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OneCare Service

A worry-free maintenance program for audio visual systems offered by Vista Technologies

You’re preparing for a big meeting and the presentation equipment doesn’t work! No one in your company knows how to fix it. Who do you call? When can they come? How much will it cost?

Audio visual technology is needed more than ever to connect with people in a variety of ways – remote meetings, lobby displays, presentations, etc. We count on it working when we need it. And it always seems to fail when we need it most.

The equipment is getting easier to use and less expensive to buy, but it also requires a more sophisticated level of expertise to set up and maintain.

Vista Technologies, a division of Office Interiors, has been designing and servicing audio visual systems for over 20 years. Now we are offering a new audio visual maintenance program, OneCare Service.

For a reasonable monthly fee, our professional service technicians are your on-call maintenance team, not only for equipment you purchased from us, but also for systems you purchased elsewhere.

We understand that some rooms and areas in your building are more critical than others. Our OneCare Service program offers two levels of support for areas that vary in complexity and priority. We design a program that addresses your specific needs at a cost that makes sense for your company.

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Get the support you need, when you need it, with our team of experts.

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