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Office Set Up: Making the Most of a Small Space

Creating an office setup with limited space can be frustrating, especially when body cramps and the lack of important supplies impact your productivity.

Nelson Swag Leg Desk, Work Table, and Armchair in Private Small Office Set Up

Surprisingly, though, there are ways to utilize a small workspace to your advantage. All you need are the right tools and creative thinking to make the most of it. Let’s explore ways you can make a great office setup with limited space.

Bare Essentials

From small offices to compact apartments, there seems to be no escape from a tight office setup. Oftentimes, limited space could result in being banished to a small corner of the room. So, what can you do when space is restricted? Simple: bring what you need and nothing else.

No matter the size of your space, it’s important to know what key items you need to complete your tasks. Besides equipment unique to your job, everyone should have a desk, chair, some storage, and access to outlets. One great example of an office setup with the bare essentials includes Office Interiors’ Micro Packs. Small in size, but adjustable to any height, these desks are a great option for a narrow office space, whether you’re backed into the corner at work or need a simple area at home! With built-in outlets and barriers providing privacy, Micro Packs create a perfect space without limiting your mobility, enabling easy movement in any office setup.

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Micro Packs make a perfect office set up for businesses to maximize productivity with minimal space.

Compact Storage

Storage space is an essential part of any business for handling physical documents, notes, or personal items. However, a confined office may not have this luxury, forcing you to prioritize work equipment instead. Without the space to store these items, though, clutter can build around your workspace, further restricting what limited space you currently have.

Thankfully, there are a variety of creative tools and equipment to store items while decluttering your desk area. A popular item for such purposes is the MillerKnoll Tu Storage. Designed like a typical office cabinet, these storage units fit compactly along a wall or under a desk. However, unlike standard filing cabinets, Tu Storage units can have shelves or concave areas to house more items, allowing you to store anything from documents to jackets or bags! With limited space, getting creative with storage is the key to productivity and better organization for any office layout.

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Tu Storage helps employees store and organize all essential equipment in a conveniently compact cabinet.

Adjustable Furniture

If you’re concerned with hitting a wall or an important device, a small office will affect your natural movements. Restricted mobility in the workplace can lead to painful cramps, muscle spasms, or blood clots. Therefore, any office setup should have adjustable, ergonomic furniture to promote movement throughout the workday.

Ergonomic furniture allows easy adjustment to any physical preference throughout the day. Whether in office or working remotely, the ergonomic Sit-to-Stand Tables can move to the height of your choice, enabling you to stand and complete work out of your chair. When you’re ready to sit, Aeron Chairs conform to your body type, promoting mobility and fewer cramps to continue work without delay!

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Sit-to-Stand Tables suit any office set up, while also offering space to move with electronic height-adjustment settings.

Think Vertically

Regardless of the room or location, get creative with the space available! Keeping in mind professional standards and all equipment involved, make an office setup that will improve not only productivity but free up your desk space without robbing you of mobility.

When horizontal space is lacking, use vertical space on walls to maximize potential. If desk space is limited, use a laptop or keyboard mount to open more space. These mounts enable you to move equipment aside when not needed, as well as free up movement in cramped quarters unlike standard monitors. As a bonus, these mounts can be adjusted, allowing better blood flow and less arm stiffness throughout the day.

Shelving is another great asset to using vertical space! At Office Interiors, we offer Holders that work both as desk dividers and as vertical storage units to clip or hang office items from. Clipping documents or hanging bins for pens above your desk can quickly declutter your space, making a more organized and efficient work area.

Make Your Next Office Setup with Office Interiors

However small or narrow your space may be, rest assured you can create a welcoming, productive office setup with the right space-efficient equipment. While Office Interiors boasts many products, our expert designers can also make a great layout for your business. Interested in our work? View our Projects page to learn more.

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