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Wag n’ Tails Revitalizes Workplace with Office Designs and Technology

As a leader in mobile pet grooming and veterinary care equipment, Wag n’ Tails is a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the best pet care support.

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So, when their local office needed serious renovation, they needed quality design solutions to meet their standards.

Making the Right Connection

In early January 2022, Office Interiors’ Business Development and Marketing Manager, Adam Myers, learned of the project with Wag n’ Tails through his connection with Ancon Construction—the construction company hired to renovate the Wag n’ Tails office. Through this connection, Wag n’ Tails was referred to Office Interiors, and introduced to Project Designer Kristy Hale and Account Manager Bobby Cornett to achieve their office vision.

Bobby recalls that Wag n’ Tails’ representative, Steve Wedding, was quite helpful giving guidance on the furniture and pricing for the project. Even after getting a quote from a direct competitor, Steve preferred Office Interiors’ open honesty and overall professional approach towards the project. Once product choices and quality were adjusted to meet expectations, Bobby noted “[Steve] was happy to do the job with us.”

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Designing Details

After receiving the final purchase order estimate in July 2022, the Office Interiors team set to work redesigning Wag n’ Tails’ office. Project Designer Kristy noted the Wag n’ Tails team depended on Office Interiors’ guidance for furniture and layout recommendations, which was helpful to Project Manager Mike Bennett so that he could direct which parts would be ordered by the Project Coordinator, Rebekah Quirey. The only stipulation was to include Wag n’ Tails’ brand colors in the final design: bright purple and teal. As a result, most furniture choices needed to be muted tones to allow the brand colors to stand out.

In total, the installation covered furniture and equipment for eleven individual private offices, eight workstations, a small meeting room, a large conference room, and a collaborative design office. For the entire renovation, all-new Kimball International WaveWorks furniture, SitOnIt chairs, and MillerKnoll Canvas Workstations created a streamlined, modern look for the office. In addition to new furniture, the team also helped to connect a sound masking system to Wag n’ Tails’ building paging communications, even including a wireless video conferencing system in their main conference room using an all-in-one soundbar with a camera and microphone!

What helped these pieces stand out, though, was the lack of visible wiring. With help from the design team, Wag n’ Tails received HumanScale office product support in each office in the form of module docking stations and basket attachments. These items helped to keep wires out of view and create a clean, organized appearance for the entire office.

Though a few minor issues appeared during the design process, the efforts and honest communication made by Kristy and the Office Interiors design team to the client allowed adjustments to be made quickly and easily throughout the project.

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Unique Additions

Besides the design and furniture, the Wag n’ Tails office also required advanced technologies and equipment for their unique workspace. Office Interiors was challenged to cleanly integrate advanced audiovisual technology within clear glass-walled offices. To help with this aesthetic innovation, Office Interiors had David Glass and Tyler Ely from the Vista Technologies team work on the design and installation of equipment.

For an additional “wow-factor,” two “incredibly beautiful” Directview displays were installed on either side of the Wag n’ Tails showroom, displaying company-approved images alongside their logo engraved on the floor.

Wag n’ Tails Relationship with Office Interiors

Since the project’s completion in March 2023, the Office Interiors team has maintained a great relationship with the Wag n’ Tails group. Today, the company is eager to show off all the great details their workplace has to offer to any visitors and clients that stop by!

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