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Employee Spotlight: Mike Bennett

Introducing Mike Bennett, a dedicated and accomplished Project Manager at Office Interiors. With a background of experience spanning over 5 years in the industry, Mike has consistently proven his ability to deliver projects successfully.

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His expertise in coordinating with stakeholders, managing contractors, and overseeing vendors ensures a seamless and efficient execution from start to finish. We got to sit down with Mike and ask a few questions about his experience.

What drew you to Office Interiors? How long have you worked here?

I have been working with Office Interiors for 5 years: 2 years as a Project Manager, and 3 years before that as a furniture installer. During my job search after college, I was seeking a company that aligned with my values and provided a supportive work environment. Office Interiors really stood out to me. After researching Office Interiors and learning about their commitment to excellence, creativity, and customer satisfaction, it became clear that this was the ideal place for me to begin my career.

How would you describe your role as a Project Manager?

I oversee and manage all aspects of a project from initiation to completion. I am responsible for coordinating information and schedules with contractors, vendors, clients, and our multiple team disciplines. By coordinating and communicating with stakeholders, I make sure projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards.

What inspired you to pursue Project Management?

I love the dynamic and varied nature of the role. I was drawn to the diverse workflow of a Project Manager, where some days I'm working in the office and others I’m out in the field. This constant change and variety in the work keeps things interesting and new.

What is your favorite aspect of working at Office Interiors?

The constant challenge each project brings. Every day presents new and unique challenges that require problem-solving and creative thinking. It keeps me engaged and motivated.

How do you approach planning and implementing new projects?

For new projects, I begin by understanding the types of products being installed, any physical issues in the building (columns, concrete walls, elevator availability, etc.) when and where spaces will be ready, and determining the most efficient method for getting furniture to the site. Project planning is flexible and adaptable, allowing me to optimize implementation and address unforeseen challenges. It requires careful analysis, strategic thinking, and adaptability to achieve successful outcomes.

Can you share a memorable project or accomplishment you have achieved in your role?

One of my most memorable projects was the City of Mishawaka transformation, where I was involved in assembling a large amount of furniture, including 300 Miller Knoll Aeron chairs and workstations. Despite tight timelines and refurbishing requirements, our team successfully coordinated with other firms and City departments to complete the project on schedule. This accomplishment not only showed our ability to handle complex tasks but also contributed to the City's sustainable goals by saving over $400,000 through furniture reuse. It was a rewarding experience!

What do you like to do away from work?

I like spending quality time with my family. I also enjoy doing woodworking and furniture design.

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