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Employee Spotlight: Bobby Cornett

At Office Interiors, we're fortunate to have some of the most talented people in the industry on our team. Meet Bobby Cornett, an Account Manager who has been with the company for two years. In that time, Bobby became an invaluable member of our team, expertly managing key client relationships to deliver exceptional results.

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We had the privilege of sitting down with Bobby Cornett, to gain valuable insights into his roles and experiences.

What drew you to start working with Office Interiors?

What has truly kept me engaged and drawn to working with Office Interiors is the company culture. Office Interiors has fostered a positive and supportive work environment. The company values collaboration, creativity, and customer satisfaction. This culture promotes personal growth and a strong sense of belonging for me.

What are some of the key responsibilities you have as an Account Manager, and how do you approach your work?

My responsibilities are to manage my existing accounts and to bring in new potential clients to grow our business. By relying on the design and project management aspects to our dedicated departments, I can focus on what I'm good at—creating relationships and meeting new clientele.

What do you enjoy most about working with clients, and how do you build strong relationships with them?

As an Account Manager, I find great satisfaction in building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect with clients. To achieve this, I take the time to understand clients' needs and interests, both personally and professionally. By finding common ground outside of work, I can foster a deeper relationship that goes beyond just a business transaction. Additionally, I believe in being proactive and providing exceptional customer service to exceed customer’s expectations.

How do you collaborate with other members of your team to deliver great results for your clients?

Collaborating face-to-face with my team members at Office Interiors is key to delivering excellent results for our customers. When we can gather the relevant team members and address project challenges in person, we quickly solve problems that would otherwise take hours of emails. This direct communication allows for efficient problem-solving and effective teamwork.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I have a few activities that I particularly enjoy. Golfing is one of my favorite hobbies, as I find it both relaxing and challenging. I also love watching sports, cheering on my favorite teams, and being part of the excitement. Additionally, I have a passion for traveling and try to explore new destinations whenever possible. These activities allow me to recharge, unwind, and broaden my horizons outside of work.

Are there any interesting facts that you’d like to share about yourself?

I recently got married, which was a wonderful and exciting milestone in my life. I once received an award from the Colts organization given to the top football players in the state.

On a side note, Office Interiors is proud to be a member of the South Bend, Elkhart, and Valparaiso Chambers of Commerce. As a representative for the South Bend Chamber, I serve as an Ambassador for the YPN (Young Professionals Network). We believe in the importance of not only working in the area but also actively participating in and contributing to the community in which we live.