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How to Set Up a Professional Office Space at Home

Various businesses across the country have opted to go completely remote for their daily office operations. Even so, few workers know how to set up a professional office space at home that’s private, organized, and comfortable enough to encourage the best productivity each day.

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Employees who lack the proper space, protection, and equipment to complete their work may struggle with daily workflow over time. So, how do you set up a professional office from home? What equipment and features should remote workers look into to improve productivity? Let’s discuss the following factors and office equipment workers should consider when setting up their professional home office.


Finding a quiet, well-lit spot for your office space at home can be easy if you have a spare room to work in. However, most workers find their space limited to only 3 options: living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Whether your “office” is a separate room or quiet corner of your basement, create your perfect professional office space using ergonomic furniture. With height-adjustable tables to change seating, make the best out of your tight home space with compact and efficient office equipment perfect for any spot in your home, no matter if you’re sitting under a crawlspace or standing tall enough that even the pets can’t jump up!


Remote workers tend to struggle with creating a professional office space that’s both secure and private from outside distractions. Pets, delivery workers, and children can easily interrupt important projects. In turn, workers become frustrated, losing their train of thought and ruining productivity on a daily basis. Fortunately, remote workers can create privacy for their professional office space at home with noise-cancelling equipment! Headsets, sound systems, and microphones help prevent communication problems by directly focusing on meeting speakers and coworkers. In fact, workers can go a step further to reduce distractions with cameras that block background activity, making the speakers their direct focus during a meeting. In short, audiovisual technology can optimize privacy and focus for remote home offices, reducing distractions to help employees stay on track of daily tasks.

Prioritize Health and Comfort

Remote working has grown in popularity due to its prioritization of health and comfort during work hours. At home, though, not all furniture is suitable for a professional office space. Oftentimes, you may be drawn to use a bean bag chair, lounge, or even hammock for an “office chair” because its available and fun; however, these “chairs” can actually compromise your health and comfort during the day by causing pressure points, stiff joints, or poor blood circulation. Thankfully, ergonomic furniture resolves these issues, optimizing your physical well-being to help you stay productive from home! Built for various body types, ergonomic furniture is perfect for professional offices at home, especially for its adjustable chairs which support working posture and better mobility by allowing users to customize height, back support, armrests, seating, and lumbar cushioning. In addition to seating arrangements, remote workers must also consider desk attachments to limit strain on the neck or eyes, which often occurs by working at a computer every day. Therefore, employees ought to invest in monitor desk mounts, which allow users to adjust their screen placement to reduce eye strain and keep neck posture upright.

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When setting up a professional office space at home, its important to have comfortable furniture that prioritizes health and long-term use.

Security and Storage

Despite most industries going strictly digital, there are times where important physical documents will be present in your home professional office. Depending on your role and home space, however, safe and secure storage options may be extremely limited, particularly for workers living in shared spaces with family, friends, or pets. To prevent your valuable files and office equipment from being damaged, its crucial to invest in a personalized, multifunctional storage cabinet. Built either lean and tall to fit snug against a wall or stout and compact under desks, modern storage cabinets are not only secure but seamlessly store all your items into an organized and enclosed space. Interior shelving, coat hooks, and deep drawer amenities allow remote workers to store anything from large bags to reference books inside cabinets. Best of all, the furniture fits well within your home, presenting more like home décor unlike metallic cabinets. Such cabinets—or Tu Storage—are readily available for remote workers at Office Interiors to optimize storage security and style for any home office.

Optimal Lighting

Ensuring coworkers and customers can see you on camera is vital to remote conference meetings but the right lighting can be a challenge. When natural light isn’t available or lacking, employees may just rely on lighting from their computers or home lamps; yet, this is also problematic, as those light fixtures may distract viewers by their poor or intense brightness. To create the perfect lighting for your home professional office, invest in an adjustable LED desk lamp to customize placement and brightness according to your preferences. Flexible and lightweight, these LED lamps enable workers to adjust lighting position to ease focus on projects anywhere on their desk. On top of position, modern office lamps also feature brightness adjusters, allowing workers to lower or raise light intensity as they see fit to limit eye strain from blinding light. Such features enhance remote work visibility not only on camera, but also on important projects when reviewing finite details on documents. In turn, LED lamps reduce eye and head strain by customizing lighting options for your personal professional office.

No matter where you live or however you design your space, the only limits to setting up a professional office at home are your imagination. Depending on your work, though, its key to invest in the best home office equipment that will streamline your daily functions for health, comfort, and utility. To design the best professional office environment for your home, contact Office Interiors for a consultation today!

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