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Why should I use a carpet made of Nylon and not a carpet made of Olefin?

Olefin yarn will actually trap and store oils and grease. It is one material that is used to clean up oil spills! So, even though it will wear fairly well, this type of yarn will become soiled more quickly. Nylon yarn performs better from a material standpoint, as well as cleans better, providing a longer lasting floor.

I am building a new office and need to have carpet installed. Should I use broadloom or carpet tiles?

Because carpet tiles can be replaced easily when they become stained or worn, clients find them to be a cost-effective, long term solution, especially in areas of high traffic or heavy use. We can help you decide what makes sense in your environment.

I like the look of porcelain tile, but it is so much more expensive than other floor covering options. Why should I use it?

Porcelain tile will actually have a better life cycle cost than most other floor covering options. Over a 10 year period of time you will spend considerably more time and money maintaining or replacing other materials. So, if you plan to stay in you space for a long period of time, then porcelain tile makes sense. If you plan to move to another space in the near future, than use a less expensive material such as VCT or LVT.

I like the look of a wood floor in my office, but I don’t want the maintenance of a wood floor, what should I use?

There are several products on the market today that look like wood, but are actually made of Vinyl. This product type is called “LVT” or “Luxury Vinyl Tile” or “Luxury Vinyl Plank”. There are several brands that make very realistic looking products. Select a product with at least a 20MIL wear layer, preferably 30MIL for heavy traffic areas.

I recently replaced my old broadloom carpet with carpet tiles. After 6 months the carpet tiles began to lift up or move. What could cause this?

One of the main reasons that we see this type of problem is the lack of proper floor prep prior to installing new carpet tile. There is a reaction that can happen when the old multipurpose adhesives react to the plasticizers in a PVC backing of the new carpet tile. The floor typically needs to be scraped, and then a special primer applied prior to the new carpet tile being installed. Make sure your contractor understands the special requirements of carpet tile installation.

I am having sheet vinyl installed in my medical facility. What is the best way to seam the vinyl together?

Heat Welding is the preferred method of seaming the sheets together. Heat Welding is actually thermally fusing the seam together. This is the most durable way to seam vinyl and, if done correctly, will last for the life of the floor, as long as it is protected.

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Do you sell used furniture?

Yes, we often have used as well as refurbished furniture available.  We also carry economically priced new office furniture that can compete with the price of used.

Do you have it in stock?

We do have some items in stock, many of them at sales prices. Most office furniture is ordered in the styles, sizes and finishes to work in specific areas.  Many of our manufacturers have quick-ship programs for projects requiring short turnaround times.

Why should I pay the money for a more expensive chair?

A chair that is ergonomically designed improves comfort, support and alignment, all leading to benefits for body, mind and productivity. Herman Miller is the known leader in ergonomic seating design. Although the upfront cost may be a bit more, the long range comfort and Herman Miller’s 12-year warranty that covers parts AND labor mean a lower long-term cost!

How much do your desks cost?

We offer products from many quality manufacturers, providing a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and features. Our Workplace Consultants will help you find the right product to meet your needs at the right price.

How soon will I get my furniture?

One of the many benefits of buying office furniture from Office Interiors is that it is customized to fit your needs and environment. Most office furniture is made to order, so expect lead times of 4 – 6 weeks, maybe longer depending on the product and manufacturer.  Some of our manufacturers do offer quick-ship products for projects with shorter turnaround times.

Where is your furniture manufactured?

The majority of the office furniture we carry is manufactured in the United States. Our primary suppliers manufacture products right here in Indiana and southern Michigan!

Do you charge for design assistance?

Our professional Interior Designers are available to assist with all aspects of your remodeling or new building project. Most often there is no charge for help in selecting office furniture that is purchased from us. For an additional but reasonable fee, we offer design assistance for your entire project – selection of paint colors/wallcoverings, flooring, window coverings, cabinet and countertops, building materials, artwork, accessories, etc. Our designers can narrow down selections and facilitate the sometimes overwhelming number of decisions a project requires. You save time, and are assured of a beautifully coordinated project incorporating your style preferences while staying within your budget.

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